Tips for Making Macro Video Films

What is a macro video? It is the art of capturing and recording films on very tiny elements and living things such as pollen grains, buds, and insects to mention a few. Like any other type of videography, macro videography needs a lot of attention to detail. On the contrary, unlike normal video filming, macro video filming requires more advanced skills for you to be considered a pro.

At first, it might seem like a daunting area to focus on, but with enough practice comes perfection. Furthermore, there are a number of video tools in macros filming that can help you come up with excellent video. If you are interested in such type of videography, then you are in the right place! Here are a few tips that will help you take the best macro videos;

  1. Invest In Good Macro Lenses

Firstly, if you want to record quality and beautiful macro videos, it is essential to get a camera with a 1:1 or more magnification. There are a number of macro lenses today in the market that you can purchase which offer the best features when it comes to taking macro videos. At the end of the day, you want to make the best macro videos that will be appealing to your viewers. It is therefore imperative for you to invest in equipment that will help you in shooting nothing but the best macro videos.

  1. Get A Tripod

Like any other videography, for you to take great macro videos, you have to ensure that you have enough focus on the subject. You need to have a steady and stable camera position to capture clear films. Having your camera in motion can not only destroys your video but also affects its overall quality. Therefore, to have perfect camera positioning, you need to purchase a tripod that will offer stable support and result in quality videos. Remember, as much as the tripod comes in handy most times, you will have to brace the camera on various stable grounds depending on the macro subject you are focusing on.

  1. Find perfect lighting

As a macro videographer, finding the best lighting position while shooting your videos is very vital. Having Perfect lighting conditions artistically improves your shots and has an immense effect on the quality of the video. Sometimes, during your shoot, you might find that the lighting may need a few adjustments. You can use the help of twin flashes, LED lights or ring flashes as they offer good lighting during your shoot.

  1. Customize your background

Most often than not, you will have to play around with the background depending on your macros subject. The more closely you focus your shoot, the more the background becomes blurry. However, the color of the background still remains visible. You, therefore, have to bring your creativity on the table to ensure that the background blends well with the other elements in the macros video.


Macro videography requires a lot of patience and attention to details. Remember, practice makes perfect! Once you get used to it, it gets easier by the day.

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