Tips to save shipping parcels from getting damaged

Parcels getting damaged in the transit are a common occurrence. This is one of the reasons why people get insurance of their products to ensure that in the event of such contingency, they get compensated.

Fortunately, there are certain ways in which one can ensure that the shipping parcels do not get damaged while they are being shipped. This articles will take you through the different tips that can be taken into account to ensure that your parcels do not get damaged while they are in transit, whether you want to send packages to Canada or any other place.

The right packaging material

The first and foremost step is to choose the right packaging material. There are different materials that can be chosen. This will depend on the item which is being shipped. Flyers can be used if you want additional protection. This material is made of polythene. Bubble envelopes can be used as well. It is water resistant and keeps your product safe and secure at all times. Corrugated boxes can be used as well depending on what needs to be sent.

Brand new material

It is always recommendable to use a brand new packaging material as opposed to second hand materials. Old packaging is not as durable as brand new materials. Old packages are not reliable. It provides lesser protection. Since the package is already used, the durability levels have fallen down. This may easily cause the product or parcel to get damaged while it is within the packaging.

Cushioning is necessary

A lot of people send parcels without cushioning it in the package. This can be a huge mistake to make. Make sure that you do adequate cushioning. However, cushioning should be done rightly. You should use materials such as bubble wrap or airbags for internal cushioning. This helps the items in the box from moving around. Even if they move around, it will only hit the cushion which will absorb such hits. This will prevent any damage. Thus, make sure that sufficient cushioning is done.

Seal the packages

Packages should be sealed. There are different sealing methods that you can opt for effective results. This is to ensure that the box does not open accidently. H Tape methods is one of the strongly recommended one. The experts in the courier industry recommend this method. While you are applying the tape, the tape should seem to be in form of an “H”. This will be on the top of the box as well as the bottom.

Use stretch film

Out of abundant caution, you should also use stretch film as an additional layer of protection. It can be used to wrap the outer layer of the packages. It will keep the parcel protected against rain, scratches, water and other external factors. If you want the parcel to reach your destination in a completely safe manner, then above are some of the major tips that must be taken into account. Learn more about the best way to ship fragile products, on this website:

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