Top Tips for Cleaning Your Chip Shop

There are many months of the year where your chip shop will need a thorough clean to ensure it looks great and all your equipment is in excellent working order. Just after the festive season is a prime example, people are enjoying the Christmas period and many drop into their local chipper to grab a fish and chips. When the New Year celebrations pass, you’re left with a restaurant that needs a deep clean.

If you don’t have the time to clean everything in your business, delegate tasks to a professional. Maintenance and catering equipment repairs in Normanton can be handled by a certified technician, while you look after other cleaning duties.

A gas safe registered engineer will carry out a number of equipment repairs, checks and replacements, including:

  • Change Gaskets
  • Conduct a Gas Tightness Test
  • Examine Wiring for Damage
  • Clean Range Ducts, Pilots & Burners

Floors, Windows & Tables

With so many customers using your facility, you should take some time to assess the seating area and clean the floors, windows and tables. High pressure cleaning equipment can remove stubborn stains on the floors and tables, giving your business a sparkling new look. A simple window cleaning solution is enough to give your windows a refreshing new shine.

Fridges & Freezers

You’ve already hired someone to look after your fryer and grill, so cleaning out the fridges and freezers is your job. Check all your stock when removing it, then clean and defrost shelves using a multipurpose cleaner and damp cloth.

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