Understanding the Subtle Differences between Jet Airways and JetLite

JetLite, the subsidiary of Jet Airways, has quite a few differences when compared with its parent company. Let us have a look at five such differences.

With a passenger market share of 18.2%, Jet Airways is the second largest air carrier in India. The airline operates more than 300 flights every day to 60+locations throughout the world. In the year 2007, Jet Airways took over Air Sahara by paying Rs. 14.50 billion. In the same year, it renamed Air Sahara as JetLite.

While the carrier is a subsidiary of Jet Airways, there are a number of notable differences between the subsidiary and its parent company. Let us have a look at five such differences.

  1. Full-service Carrier and Low-cost Airline

While Jet Airways is a full-service air carrier, its subsidiary is a low-cost airline. With this new takeover, Jet Airways wanted to move into the low-cost carrier segment which has seen excellent growth in the past few years. One can expect lower fares on flight bookings but lesser services too when flying through JetLite.

  1. Total Number of Aircrafts in the Fleet

As compared to Jet Airways, its subsidiary has a smaller fleet of aircrafts. While the parent organisation currently owns 113 aeroplanes, its subsidiary only has 8. Even the size of planes that operate under JetLite is smaller than the aircrafts of its parent company. Moreover, while Jet Airways has an order book of more than 90 aircrafts, currently there are no plans to buy new planes for its subsidiary.

  1. Number of Destinations Covered

Another major difference between the two is the number of destinations they cover. While the full-service carrier allows you to travel to 64 destinations throughout the world, its subsidiary only covers 22 destinations in India. If you are planning to book affordable Mumbai Nagpur flights, Delhi Bangalore flights, or Mumbai Delhi flights, the subsidiary of Jet Airways can be a great option.

  1. Operating Base of the Carriers

Even the operating base of both the air carriers is different. While Jet Airways has Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai as its hub, it is the Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi for its subsidiary. The hub airports are used by airlines for concentrating flight operations and passenger traffic. They are also used as stop-over points to the final destination.

  1. Difference in In-flight Hospitality

Needless to say, as JetLite is a low-cost carrier, there is a significant difference in the in-flight hospitality of the subsidiary and its parent company. For instance, one has to pay for food in Economy class when flying with this carrier. Even the interiors of the flights, logo of the carriers and uniform of the staff are different.

To conclude, while Jet Airways is a great option if you are looking for a full-service carrier that travels to international and domestic destinations, its low-cost subsidiary is ideal for people who want to travel domestically at an affordable with only basic in-flight services. Learn more about various types of airlines and air transport companies that are working in multiple countries, on this website:

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