Watch movies in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley

India’s very own Silicon Valley, Bangalore is estimated to become the world’s largest IT cluster by 2020. The Garden of City has taken naturally to this transformation, from being a cultural and historical site to being India’s IT hub. The city is also planning to don the cap of India’s second biggest financial centres in the future with many financial services company setting up their base here. The city also boosts of the presence of the headquarters of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) as well as the R&D and engineering centres of aerospace giants of the world. The city has an average literacy rate of 87.67% as per the census of 2011 and about 20% – 25% of the total population of the fastest growing city in India live in slum areas, of these about one-third of the slum dwellers live below the poverty line. Most of these slum dwellers are employed in diverse areas that are generally low-end jobs with really low wages.

The Cinema Bengaluru

The other part of the population, that lives in the urbane areas of the city are mostly the salaried class. Most of these people are working in the expanding IT and BPO sector, hospitality and real estate as well as the finance sector. Considering these statistics, it is safe to assume that on an average, a Bangalorean is doing much better than his counterpart living in other urban parts of the country. The standard of living is of the salaried class is quite high when compared to the other areas in the state and the country. This is the reason that the city has seen, in recent years, exponential growth of malls and multiplexes. Multiplexes are the ideal way of spending quality time with one’s family and friends – it is one of the best ways to divert the mind from one’s rushed up schedule during the weekdays. These multiplexes that have mushroomed across the entire city have more than three screens and feature the latest hits from different languages simultaneously. People keen to watch movies in Bangalore find this idea interesting and appealing, especially the younger generation.

With digitized and online ticket booking methods, they can pre-book tickets and seats for movies of their choice. Since availability of money is not a challenge with this crowd, they feel that watching a movie in Bangalore in a multiplex enables them to unwind, chill out and catch up with friends and family in complete leisure and luxury. Most of these modern day theatres are furnished with the latest and world-class amenities, supported by food and beverage counters that stock up hygienic and sumptuous snacks and other food items that are serviced promptly thereby enabling the crowd to relax in the most comfortable manner.

Booking a ticket has also got luxurious now. Using the App of any of India’s top retailer, movie tickets can be booked online. For watching a movie in Bangalore, cash dealing is no more required; likewise, there are no more requirements of queuing up for hours for buying tickets at the booking window.

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