Difference Between Cruiser Bikes And Comfort Bikes

Cruiser BikesRoad bikes or simple bikes have a very forward leaning stance when one sits on the bike. It is good for racing and short distances but they are not the most comfortable bikes. Among all the categories of the bicycles, comfort and cruiser bikes provide an upright stance which provides more stability than the average road bikes. Not only that but their slightly thicker frame’s also gives a more appealing and aesthetic stylish look. However there is also difference between the cruiser and comfort bikes. Although both types of bikes are suitable for both daily commuters and casual riders, the difference comes in the type of terrain in which the bike has to be ridden.

Cruiser bicycles which are also known as beach cruisers or cruiser bikes came into existence after it become popular before the 1950s and then again in recent times there are has been huge rise in the demand and popularity of both women’s cruiser bikes as well as men’s cruiser bike. The major characteristics of these types of bikes include a long handlebar, a longer wheelbase and very well foam made cushioned seat which is generally more wide and long than the ordinary bikes, thus given the rider an upright position to sit on. They work extremely well on sand and gravel paths due to the wider wheelbase and thicker tires making it more stable to cruise through rough terrains. It is a very famous trend to add front baskets to these types of bikes. These types of bikes have only one type of speed. In other words they are generally gearless.

Comfort bikes also have an upright riding stance like the cruiser bicycles but the difference is that in these types of bikes the frame is much closer to that of a mountain or hybrid bike. These bikes have details of mountain and road bikes and have thicker threaded tires and generally more than one speed. These are the most comfortable bikes in the market. Since it is made for high speed on roads the ride can be very bumpy. This is why these bikes have suspension forks and seat posts so a rider doesn’t feel those bumps. Comfort bikes have low center of gravity meaning it sits lower to the ground and a rider can easily place their both feet’s on the road while sitting on the seat. Comfort bikes have wide seat with a lot of cushioning unlike the banana shaped seat of the cruiser bikes.

Whether one should get a comfort or a cruiser bicycle, this decision solely and largely depends on the personal preferences and needs of every individual. If one live near a beach and flats and has to be used only for making short trips and running short errands then a cruiser bike will be perfect for the individual. Cruiser bike are also more economical because the maintenance needs and cost of maintenance is next to none. But if one lives in a rough terrain or the road has a lot of patches and bumps, or one live in a hilly area, then one needs to go for comfort bike.

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