What Is Gelatin Good For? Benefits, Uses and More

Gelatin is a boon for a person’s health because it has every amino acid you can think of and offers a lot of health benefits. It can not only improve your brain function and help make joints strong, but it can also help you have fabulous hair and skin. Many people know that gelatin is made only after cooking collagen that helps the strength and structure of the tissues.

Gelatin is usually extracted from unpalatable parts of animals by boiling them in water, and hence the gelatin you get is flavorless and colorless. As the process of extracting gelatin from collagen is quite difficult, people prefer reliable supplements such as Great Lakes Gelatin that can be added to any drink like a smoothie as it doesn’t change the taste of the drink. Even your favorite gummy candy and Jell-O has some gelatin used during the production process.

Benefits of Gelatin

Though it will be hard for anyone to list all the benefits of gelatin in a single space, we have highlighted the top benefits of this food right here. Have a look once, and you’ll be tempted to procure it today.

Ø Improves Gut Health

Gelatin is preferred by people who have serious gut problems like the leaky gut syndrome because it is rich in amino acids that help heal the gut and control inflammation which is often a symptom of the leaky gut syndrome and quite painful. It also strengthens the gut and ensures timely gastric acid secretions which allow you to live a trouble-free life again. Aging people often depend on gelatin because as we age, the process of making digestive juices slows down.

People who are stressed are also victims of the leaky gut syndrome as it can aggravate due to stress. If you are troubled by bloating, then too you should trust gelatin because it reduced water retention and also contributes to preventing constipation.

Ø Improves Joint Health

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are two common problems that impact the joint health and makes it difficult for people to move freely. Thankfully, gelatin helps with that as well. It improves joint health by reducing pain, stopping chronic inflammatory responses and enhancing the recovery process. Research has shown that continued consumption of gelatin can also improve the athletic performance of a person.

Ø Improves Sleep Quality

It is a sad fact that 10 percent of the Canadian population suffers from persistent insomnia while about 25 percent apart from that number experience the symptoms of insomnia occasionally. Researchers have discovered that people who take three grams of gelatin before bedtime tend to get help with problems like trouble falling asleep or having an unsatisfactory sleep. Gelatin can also reduce daytime sleepiness, sleep quality and reduces the time it takes to fall asleep. There are barely any side effects of gelatin that are usually observed while having traditional sleep medications or hypnotic drugs.

Ø Improves Cognitive Abilities

Mental clarity and calmness have become precious things these days, and thankfully, gelatin also helps with that. It lowers the stress hormones and boosts happy hormones. It is a good option to lift mood and is better than antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications because it doesn’t have any side effects if it’s metabolized correctly.

Ø Improves Beauty

If you consume gelatin on a regular basis, you can get rid of or reduce many skin problems like stretch marks, sun damage, wrinkles and other signs of aging. You will also get a youthful and healthy-looking skin that is protected from UV sun damage. Though most people develop collagen naturally when they are in their 20s or 30s, the development process slows down when you are in your 40s and 50s. Apart from skin, having gelatin can help with having strong nails, teeth, and hair.

Ø Improves Bone Health

Gelatin is loaded with healthy nutrients like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon. All of these play a key role in reducing bone loss and preventing fractures. People who have suffered a bone injury can also benefit by consuming gelatin because it can help with bone healing. Even people who suffer from any chronic disorders can take gelatin for long-term because this method is safer and therapeutic at the same time.

Ø Improves Weight Loss Efforts

Believe it or not, gelatin consumption can also help with the weight loss process by increasing the feeling of satiation and keeping a check on hunger hormones. Gelatin can boost the production of leptin, a satiety hormone and lower the production of appetite hormones like ghrelin. When you feel satiated most of the time and don’t have very active hunger hormones, you tend to eat less and hence control your calorie consumption and reduce portion size. Both these factors help in weight loss if you couple them with regular exercise sessions, be it cardio or weight training.

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