What Is Help Desk and Why Should You Use It In Your Business

Help Desk

Help desk’ is a generalized name given to the software solution designed to help companies solve their customers’ specific grievances. When buyers have certain questions or problems, they contact the help desk. A client service employee is automatically notified about a new request; he helps and assists consumers the best way possible – answers their questions, explains the details of their orders, and performs a number of other tasks.

Most modern CRM software systems include multifunctional and user-friendly support desks, which enable customers to easily contact support agent of the company. For example, bpm’online – a cloud-based application with out-of-the-box features aimed at full-cycle service management – provides the customer service agents with a number of considerable tools. Implementing this platform, companies obtain a 360° customer view, a convenient contact center, a service catalogue, and a number of other tools. Using such a help desk, your employees will be able to address buyers’ complaints correctly and on time.

General Description of Help Desk Solutions

Such platforms automate most of the tasks the specialists of client service departments have to perform. As a matter of course, these systems include at least two basic products: customer center and service enterprise. Taken together, these tools form the backbone of successful and prosperous client service.

In general, most help desks operate in the following way:

  • The customers send their questions, complaints, and claims to the client service email.
  • The software pulls all the letters received and moves them into special folders. This system lets client service agents easily organize the buyers’ emails and answer them without delay.
  • One more function of modern help desk software is that it lets employees listen to and respond to customers’ feedback in social media websites – Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

It is the so-called ticket system. The CRM software like bpm’online guarantees that buyers’ queries and complaints will be redirected to client service agents without any delay. The coordinator of the system receives notifications when an executive does not answer certain ticket, or when it takes too long for employees to resolve an issue. It is his task to monitor the way his agents work and eliminate their possible mistakes.

One more advantage of modern CRM platforms is reporting and optimization of help desk’s constituents. Such software accumulates, distributes and saves the relevant data about the critical aspects of the system. By monitoring this information, managers and leaders can estimate the workload on the client service team, time, as well as the efficiency level for each employee. All these metrics give managers an exhaustive insights into the team’s performance and opportunity to improve its efficiency and productivity.

Five Reasons to Implement Help Desk Software

Help Desk

Over the past few years, customer support has turned into one of the most important parts of modern businesses. When we hear someone talking about ‘customer support’ we often think about ‘help desk’ – and this is true for the most part. Let us have a look at the five main reasons why companies use such software.

#1 – It increases customer satisfaction

Statistics prove that satisfied customers are happy ones, and happy buyers stay loyal to your company. Thus, if a company provides an accurate and fast client service the rate of its customer satisfaction will be constantly increasing.

#2 – Help desk provides better ticket management

Such software assigns and distributes tickets to the client service agents, so that they could see, which of the requests are processed and which demand an immediate answer. Managers can monitor and control the tickets with similar issues.

#3 – It is a perfect tool for managing the company’s knowledge base

The platforms let reps keep track of different issues when managing the data base. They can save the answers for repeated questions in corresponding topics and use them when necessary. Besides, the buyers will see these answers – and in many cases the agents’ help will be unnecessary.

#4 – This software lets managers monitor the way their customer support agents work

When implementing such software managers can keep track of their employee’s work. They can easily see how many tickets each agent solves throughout a day, check the quality of his answers, and perform a number of other procedures.

#5 – Help desk lets agents keep track of every request

Actually, when using such software the support service agents can be at the same place where the buyers are. The platform lets them keep track of questions and complaints coming from everywhere. They easily respond to emails, chats, phone calls, requests from contact forms, as well as social media. Moreover, agents can collect tickets from different sources into the so-called “hybrid tickets”, which makes their work much easier.

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