What Makes TB Joshua a Distinct Prophet

While almost all preachers have deep knowledge about the Holy Bible, Gospel messages and subjects mentioned in the Scriptures, what is most important for them is to communicate them in easy language to followers. Common people love listening to those preachers who can present them with different examples that help them understanding things better. Similarly, when you will listen to the voice of TB Joshua in the weekend Sunday sessions or in ministries, his speeches can simply make you electrified.


According to many devotees that his words and presentation style make people feel that Jesus is in front of them. According to the spiritual leaders that regardless of the extent of their depth in the area, the degree of personality, technique of preaching and approach of presenting subjects make them more engaging and loving to common people. For example, humor is just like salt. While a little is a must, too much spoils the cooking. Great prophets who preach know this very well. In fact, they often present humorous tales and stories to resolve anxiety and understand things better. These make them popular to people who participate in the sermon sessions.

What makes them distinct? Just have a look

  • They have supernatural power to virtually live and walk with God and his followers. They can understand your problems with their great intuition power. They don’t need you to explain the problems in your family life, distress of your present life, your sadness due to the quit of your loved one or others. With their spiritual background, genuine prophets can assume those issues and based on their biblical know-how they can give you great advises and emotional support that lessens your pain.
  • They know people take special attention when the messages of god are presented through stories. Illustrations open the window during the sermon and thus, God’s messages, his presence in their everyday life, his instructions can be presented in an easy and homely way. To worshippers this support works magical to involve in sessions regularly.
  • Worldly prophets like TB Joshua don’t preach like the young preachers who often found ‘trying their hard’ to make people persuaded about complex philosophical views of Scriptures. Whatever the question you have in your mind in relation to god and human being, you can get all answers from him. This is because he has immense depth, preparation, presence of mind and insight. He preaches with deep passion and relaxation just like a story teller.
  • Often young preachers make mistakes by cramming too many subjects in their sermon, and that lessens the charm of lecture. Messages of Jesus and spiritual physiologies should be presented in wise manner, one at a time which becomes easy for followers to catch. The area is vast, and its need system, or methodical presentation. A good presentation of a sermon phrase can make it memorable and sensitive. During the sermons, prophets maintain right pace, change the scale of their voice from low to high depending upon the need and importance of the phrase.

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