What To Know About Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers are among the most celebrated or detested practitioners in the field of law. The criminal lawyers Parramatta role puts them in the public eye more than any other lawyers. That is because they are sometimes seen as heroes, for saving individuals publicly perceived as innocent from going to jail. This is most common with public figures seen to be fixed by government authorities. In equal measure, the very lawyers are often vilified for setting free persons viewed by the public as being villains. The question is; what exactly does criminal law entail. Some insights are shared here about that.

Criminal Lawyers

Defense of Accused Persons

People who are accused of committing crimes turn to criminal lawyers to argue their cases for them. That is why they are also known as defense lawyers. These cases range from simple matters like assault or theft, to more serious ones like murder or violent robbery. Whichever case an accused person faces, it is the role of a criminal lawyer to see to it that his rights are not violated during the case against him. The lawyer tests the case brought forward by the prosecution to the limit, to try and raise doubts about the accusations. This ensures that if the defendant is convicted, it is only on the basis of watertight and irrefutable evidence. The lawyer warrants that law is applied properly in the conduct of the case

Carrying Out Investigations

Criminal lawyers do more than what is seen during court processes. They carry out investigations and background checks to ascertain whether allegations made by the prosecution are true. The aim is to refute any pieces of evidence that do not add up. They also verify what are presented as facts by the prosecution. In case they identify any contradictory or extenuating circumstances and bring them to the attention of the court. This ensures that the case can only be decided based on irrefutable facts and evidence.

Plea Bargaining

In some jurisdictions, such as Victoria state in Australia, the practice of plea bargaining is allowed. This allows the prosecution and defense lawyer to agree that some charges be dropped by the prosecution, if the defendant agrees to plead guilty to the other charges. This earns the defendant an opportunity for a lesser sentence, while the court’s time is saved in handling the case. The criminal lawyer must be sure that case against his client is strong before he can accept a plea bargain. However, it all depends on whether the defendant himself is ready to plead. If not, then the case goes on to full trial.

Criminal Lawyers are Important

Despite their sometimes tainted image, criminal lawyersplay a very important role in the criminal justice system. They ensure that the rights of their clients are upheld during criminal proceedings in court. They also check to make sure that all the facts and evidence produced by the prosecution are irrefutable. In addition, they can help their clients to agree to plea bargain, thus reducing the severity of their sentences and saving the court’s time.

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