What To Wear On Your First Date

First date dressing has been one of the nightmares for many ladies for many years. First date outfit has been this difficult because of variety fashion that are available to make choice making them confused as they would want to dress to impress the other person. The perfect outfit to put on should be considered as far as the venue of the date is concerned.

What to consider before deciding on first date outfit

  • Always prefer to have your personal style – it is advised that you put on what you are used to as opposed to buying new trends in the market. The outfit that you are used to will give you confidence and you will be able to concentrate and contribute to the talks without any interference of your thinking on how you look on your outfit.
  • Color – Consider a neutral color that does not draw much attention from around. Avoid very bright colors that will attract other people’s attention, which will destruct your attention.
  • Comfort – Choose an outfit that you are comfortable with. If you are not comfortable wearing high heels then do not wear them on your first date as you will feel uncomfortable. Wear an outfit that do not reveal so much as revealing clothes make you uncomfortable.
  • Accessories – Put on simple but attractive accessories for your first date. These accessories should be matched well with your dressing to compliment the whole dressing. Depending on your favorites, you can choose to have the earrings, necklace and bracelet at once without many decorations on them.
  • Avoid over thinking – Do not be stressed by what you should wear on your first date. You can choose to put on your usual wear as far as they are not overstated.
  • Ambitious styles – If you are not sure of what outfit to have on your first date, you are advised to wear your favorite outfit that you are always complimented on.
  • Focus on your best asset – If you have attractive legs, wear a short skirt, dress or shorts for your dates revealing less of your upper part. If your arms are attractive, wear sleeveless blouse, dress or T-shirts to reveal them a little.
  • Be distinctive – Have your best accessories or that unique dress that makes you stand from the rest. This will surely attract your date.

Types of Dates

  1. Dinner date – A nice dress will make a perfect outfit for dinner with heels or flats as you wish or comfortable in. You can choose to have your accessories on and a perfect make up to compliment. Dinner dates need neutral colors, therefore you need not to wear very brightly colored clothes. Choose to wear gold, black or dark colors.
  2. After work dates – You can choose to wear a dress or a fitting skirt and a casual top with a jacket so that you remove your jacket after work ready for your date. You do not need to look too official for the date; you can choose to have a mixture of casual and official wear for this particular date.
  3. Special occasion date – For special occasion dates, make sure you wear an outfit that is not too revealing whether dresses, shorts, skirts, tops or jeans. Complete your outfit with neutral makeup and simple jewelries.
  4. Casual coffee dates – Casual dresses, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses or sleeveless tops can make a good outfit for such dates. Make sure that your jeans are not too tight to make you uncomfortable or too big for you. Makeup to moderate and any kind of shoes as you are comfortable in them either flats or heel.
  5. Picnic dates – Trousers jeans, shorts, t-shirts, blazers, sunglasses, sneakers or flats are perfect outfits for such a date. Jeans should not be too tight as these dates involve walking. You are advised have the simplest form of accessories if you must have them and makeup should not be exaggerated. Have you hair done in simple but attractive style.


You are also advised to try wear the trending fashion to compliment your accessories on your first date. Have your nails well attended with your favorite color, use a mild perfume for the date, take a shower to ensure you are clean and fresh, make your hair look nice and style it to your best look, you can use lipstick if you used to it but to neutral point and do a neutral makeup too. All these compliments should not be exaggerated to give you attractive and best look for your first date.

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