Why Is Family Law Necessary?

Family Law

Family means loving each other and bringing peace and harmony. But all families don’t have close bonds and are not harmonious. One can find married couples fighting over assets, custody of kids, and getting divorced. It is also common for siblings to fuss over wills and property distribution. Additionally, domestic violence is also common, which ultimately leads to discord in family life. It might seem simple, but one needs an experienced family law attorney from JohnC Mallios & Associates to handle situations calmly. It is always a good idea to hire an attorney in the case of a divorce.

Hiring a divorce attorney

Divorce is emotionally draining and sometimes even time-consuming, especially when disputes are involved between two parties. Even when the parties decide to part their ways mutually and amicably, discrepancies might arise. A divorce attorney is the best solution to organize and plan assets and liabilities so that the process is smooth and hassle-free. A family lawyer can act as an effective third party for a couple who are separating. An attorney helps to demarcate the individual assets and other liabilities during and after the divorce procedure. A trained family lawyer is suggested because of his/her experience and skill in filling out the necessary paperwork and even contesting in court when the situation arises.

Attorney for child custody and child support

When a divorce takes place, it is believed that the child suffers the most. Figuring out who will become the primary parent, the visitation rights of the other parent, and the amount of child maintenance to be paid are some of the most challenging aspects of a divorce case. The court thoroughly investigates the earnings of both the parents and their potential. Often, parties give the wrong information to the court to get hold of the maximum benefits or to avoid child maintenance and support. Providing wrong information is a contempt of court and is punishable by law. Thus, trained and experienced professionals from JohnC Mallios & Associates must be there to handle such critical situations.

Attorney for domestic violence

Domestic violence cases are serious and require a family lawyer who is experienced in the field. Hiring a family attorney can help to obtain a restraining order and also arrange for safe emergency housing. When an individual hires an attorney, he/she assesses the severity of domestic violence and accordingly goes through the proceedings. The family members and the victims must be honest and 100% transparent so that the attorney can come up with a quick solution. Based on the investigations and trials, a family lawyer might suggest couple therapy and rehabilitation. A family attorney is experienced enough with the court proceedings while focusing on the safety parameters of the domestic violence victim.


People can turn to law firms like JohnC Mallios & Associates for help with legal matters related to family law. Divorce is never an easy process, and the vital aspects like child support and custody, asset division, etc., make things even more challenging. A little help from legal experts is never a bad idea.

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