Business in Switzerland as a Foreigner

You are thinking of moving to Switzerland, this time not as a tourist but as an investor. Or probably, your company needs to open a branch of its services in the country. In case you are wondering how to go about it without a hitch then you are at the right place. This is a well-sifted guideline that captures what you need to know when setting up a business in Switzerland as a non-Swiss.

Things You Need To Do After Moving To Switzerland as an Entrepreneur

Immigration Authorization

For one to be allowed to do business in Switzerland, he/she needs to be a resident in the country. This means that all non-Swiss nationals must obtain legal authorization before being actively engaged in any business activity. If you are relocating to the country, you will need both a work and residence permit. As a new resident, you will also be required to register at the local commune within the first eight days after entering the country.

Get a Medical Cover

Good health is paramount to a good way of life and is important for one to smoothly run business operations. During your stay as a business person in Switzerland, you will be required to be covered by the basic health insurance policy. The local private insurance companies provide this compulsory health cover and the authorities can come asking for it any time after three months of your stay in the country. The medical cover will come in handy in the event that you or one of your household falls sick. Like many other countries, dire medical conditions may require additional options to foot the costs.

Arrange For a Banking Service

Many businesses involve the exchange of goods and services for a fee. As a business person, you will love Switzerland’s financial and banking services. Though the requirements vary within the different institutions, foreigners can open Swiss bank accounts without many hitches. The main general requirement is that one gets registered as a resident before seeking to create an account.

To find the right bank with the services and products that will match your business needs, it is prudent that you carry out research around the available banks; compare their terms, tariffs, products, and services.

Moving Around Switzerland Is Easy and Convenient

A good transport network is necessary for the success of many businesses and Switzerland’s public transport does not disappoint. The system is wide, safe, and efficient. This means that any outward or inward deliveries in regard to your business will be done without any hassles. There are trains, buses and many boats traversing the entire region so your goods and deliverables reach their target destinations in time.

Get a Professional Resettlement Company

So you have realized the investment potential in this country and you are considering business relocation to Switzerland; you can use the services of a resettlement company to guide you as you establish the roots of your business entity. Resettlement companies see to it that you get a comprehensive market analysis and this helps you make informed investment decisions. They also initiate contact with the relevant authorities in line with your business on your behalf such that you have an easier time complying.

If you are starting up a new investment, the company will offer advice and guidance; they will also be available all through to offer support and consultative advice on the right form of business to establish in the foreign country. They will also help you acquire residence and work permits so you settle in the country without a hitch.


Switzerland is one of the growing economies and a perfect place to take one’s investments. Do not let the fact that you are not a Swiss national deter you from exploring your company’s or business’s potential. Seize the opportunity, work closely with reputable resettlement aids and before you know it, you will be doing smart business in the country. Take a plunge and move, start or open a branch of your business in Switzerland. Learn more about the laws and regulations that vary with the government in different regions of the world, on this website:

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