Complete Laminating Jobs Quickly With The GMP Qtopic 380 Laminator

Complete Laminating Jobs Quickly With The GMP Qtopic 380 Laminator

The GMP Qtopic 380 Laminator comes as the latest solution for all those companies that go through the trouble of completing their laminating jobs within deadlines. This machine has been manufactured by GMP- the leader in the production of laminating machines. It has been specifically designed for offering a kind of in-house laminating aid for on-demand and short-term digital applications. However, the machine can even be used for deriving conventional litho results. GMP Qtopic 380 Laminator also possesses the ability to create sleeking effects. The creation of holographic images is also one of the best features of this machine, all thanks to its inbuilt rewinder. It also applies foils to sheets without the requirement of special tools or skills.

  • Uses of the Qtopic 380
  • The GMP Qtopic 380 Laminator is generally used in the creation of:
  • Pop-up sign
  • Posters
  • Book jackets and covers
  • Menus
  • Gift certificates
  • Photographs
  • Photo albums
  • Greeting cards
  • Yearbooks
  • Labels
  • Name cards

Considering the manifold uses that this machine can be put to, it can rightly be said that it is one of the perfect tools for busy copy centers and copy stores that require an efficient and fast machine for completing their laminating jobs. This is probably the perfect tool for laminating or embossing digital print media.

Exclusive Features of the Qtopic 390 Laminator

Some of the noteworthy features of the Qtopic 380 are as follows:

  • Environmentally friendly machine
  • Uses household power supply between 220V and 240V.
  • The ideal lamination tool for different varieties of lamination
  • Makes use of Nylonex, Polynex and Perfex films
  • The design of the machine is space effective and compact making it ideal for copy shops, photoshops and offices
  • It comes equipped with de-curling device and film tension control device
  • Comes included an air compressor
  • The ergonomic touch screen of the machine is easy to use and enhances operator-centric quality productivity and convenient control
  • The lightweight machine with low noise
  • Offers top quality laminating results due to the strengthened pressure that makes way for proper bonding power.
  • Films can be loaded very easily on the machine

These are some of the most exclusive features of the Qtopic 380 making it a must-have tool for firms with regular laminating schedules.

The. It is the compact design of this machine that makes GMP Qtopic 380 Laminator perfect apart from its easy to use features. It comes with an automatic overlay feeding table that is pneumatically controlled along with a rear perforator that features a bursting roller. It is the compact design of this machine that makes it perfect apart from its easy to use features. Users might find it a little difficult to handle the film rolls but once they start using the machine, changing the film rolls would be an effortless procedure for them. The Qtopic 390 has been designed for medium operations at fast speed. It is durable and probably one of the best machines that the market for laminations has seen in the recent times.

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