CV Tips for PA Recruitment in London

With PA recruitment in London becoming increasing popular today we are here to provide immense CV writing tips for related roles with the ultimate intention of allowing as many readers as possible to land their dream PA recruitment jobs!

There are many CV templates available online for people to take advantage of however it is incredibly important that you create a CV that is unique to you and not the same as everyone else’s! Your CV has to stand out if you are looking to make a lasting impression.

No matter what stage of your PS recruitment career you are at, we are sure that after reading these tips you will be able to improve your CV in some way or another…

PA CV Checklist

  • Ideally CV’s should not be any longer than two pages, with people looking through CVs generally losing interest after the bottom of the second page
  • Make sure that you name and address is clear to see at the top of your CV, many people leave off their address, however many employers are often interested in potential journeys to and from work
  • Make sure you have added an introductory paragraph to the start of your CV; this can be a fantastic personal touch! Highlight any unique career experience and skills in this paragraph
  • When listing your previous jobs you should ensure that you job titles are clearly displayed and not too long winded. If you have had multiple roles within one company you should separate these roles however you should keep the length you have worked at the company as one set of dates
  • When writing your job descriptions you need to make them easy to read and understand, the best way to do this is to use a bullet point format. Don’t just write a list of words though, use short sentences being sure to highlight all of the achievements you have made
  • Try not to repeat yourself too much on your CV. For example if you have had a lot of PA jobs you should try and think about what achievements you made within each role instead of listing your general duties over and over again

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