Five Most Common Problems of Car Engines

Who doesn’t know how important the engine is for any functioning car. To keep a vehicle in proper running condition you have to maintain good health of your car engine, and simply can’t afford to play around with its well-being. Moreover, as the diagnosis of an engine-fault needs high-precision work, it becomes difficult and expensive to repair as well.

An expert at the Henderson Acura suggested that if you find your car engine struggling to perform or simply failing to start off, there could be varied reasons behind this poor condition. Though all the problems related to the engine might not be that serious in its severity each of them needs to be repaired without a delay, because all of them can make the engine break down anytime, leaving you stranded at the middle of the road. What can be worst is that your car will ask for a brand-new engine.

  1. Poor lubrication

The way an engine moves, is by receiving a good amount of oil to run between the different moving parts it consists of. If there is a lack of enough lubrication, it will unnecessary cause frictions among the parts inside the engine, which will lead to overheating and it might even end up seizing the engine. To avoid such unfortunate situations, get your vehicle serviced periodically, which will ensure that there is enough lubrication to make the engine work.

  1. Failing Oil Pump

The oil pump is an extremely necessary part for the lifespan of a vehicle engine. An oil pump failure will certainly starve the engine from the necessary lubrication. To keep the oil pump alive, you have to use the engine oil with genuine viscosity, so that it will be light enough to flow easily through the parts off the pump.

  1. Dirty Oil

If you haven’t changed your car engine oil for quite long time, the oil will eventually become old and dirty leaving deposits and debris on the fittings of the engine like in the corners of intake valves and spark plugs, and especially in combustion chambers. As part of your car maintenance, make sure to regularly clean the engine oil filters. This will help avoid debris being accumulated within the bearings of the vehicle.

  1. Engine Coolant Leaks

Another reason behind a car engine failure as pointed out by the Henderson Acura dealership experts is the leaking of engine coolant. If engine coolant isn’t coming up to its usual level, even after topping it up, it is a sure sign of a fault with the cooling system. The coolant needs to be kept free of any debris or deposits to maintain the safe operating temperature inside the car and that is a primary necessity for your engine, without which it won’t work fine.

  1. Blocked Engine Radiators

Old engine coolant becomes dirty over time that can fill up the radiators of the engine with excessive sediments and debris. The result is overheated engines. To avoid such risks, you need to change the coolant, filters and the radiator in regular intervals.

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